2 Tola Kannauj Attars Discovery Set - Attars Of India By Perfumologist - 100% Natural Alcohol Free
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Attars Of India - Discover Kannauj Part 1 - 1ml x 8 Sample Vials

- 100% Natural on Sandalwood Base Oil

-Top Grade Traditional Attars from Certified Natural Manufacturers in Kannauj

So Perfumologist Went to Kannauj to Discover the Roots of Indian Perfumery and Legendary Ingredients in Perfume Making , Nature Way.


The Discover Pack includes , all Basic Building Blocks of Kannauj Attars

  1. Mitti Attar #1
  2. Sandalwood
  3. Indian Rose
  4. Motia
  5. Shamama
  6. Kewda
  7. Indian Vetiver
  8. Saffron

*We may change some based on seasonal availability

* Box Colour May come in Black , Maroon or Orange.


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India’s rich history bottles notes of a rather fragrant past which have evolved and matured with time. India houses a multiplicity of scents that has almost every type of scent that would please the olfactories of perfume lovers.

Kannauj is famously known as the fragrance capital of the country.  The city has  held its place in history to have curated the most redolent of ittars be it for royalty , the British or simply for people who have a nose for natural concoctions.

The perfumes were traditionally stored in camel-skin pockets but are now kept in bottles made from buffalo skins. The fragrant essential oil trapped in the sandalwood oil base, contained in these leather bottle or kuppis, is placed in the sun to allow the excess water to evaporate and for the true scent of attar to develop – warm, organic and mineral-rich.