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Kannauj Perfumery

Trifecta Lotus By Kannauj Perfumery

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Trifecta Lotus By Perfumologist

An all Natural Blend of Blue Lotus Oil , Pink Lotus Oil , Blue Lotus Oil , Indian Agar and some Aroma Ba lancers to fine tune Fragrance.

A one of its Kind Fragrance never Attempted Before.

Lotus has its Calming and Serene Vibe which every fragrance enthusiast must try.

Blend of the Gods!

We have been exposed to a lot of florals since very beginning.

But one Flower holds a Sacred place and is not often used in daily life , Rather it's linked to ultimate Luxury and have been held in calitivity of Royal Hammams in Palaces.

We are talking about Lotus ... I literally have sniffed and read 1000s of fragrances but never I read Lotus as a note.

That began my curiousity and procured lot of Various Lotus Oils from Kannauj ..

White Lotus - Symbolises Purity
Blue Lotus - Symbolises Victory
Pink Lotus - Symbolises Enlightment

Still it remains a Flower and a very white floral scents.

Hence to make it alive , Here comes Indian Agar the Essence of the Nature which is Dark , Powerful and Mysterious

 30ml Parfum - Pre Launch Reviewers Bottles - Cap Colours may Vary batch to batch until we come up with our own art caps.