Kohinoor Oudh By Kannauj Perfumery
Kohinoor Oudh By Kannauj Perfumery

Kohinoor Oudh By Kannauj Perfumery

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Notes : 

Woody, Oudh, Powdery, Ambrette, White Musk, Tonka Bean, Jasmin, Rose, Floral, Watery, Tolu Balsam, Silk, Peppery, Ambraxon.

The Glorious Gatha : 

Here comes most Seductive Combination of Oud and Rose ,

But this one ain't regular Rose Oud which Niche Houses provide at Exuberant Prices.

Here comes our 4D Version of Damascena Rose , Oud , Mysore Sandalwood and Geranium Rose

*The Kohinoor Oud* - The most precious diamond which every Super power of the world wanted to acquire at any cost.

Presenting the Kohinoor Of Perfumery with 4 Dimensions - 

- Damascena Rose

- Hindi Oudh from Nagaland

- Mysore Sandalwood

- Geranium Rose 

The Mystical blend will radiate the Aura that never fails to attract and leave an everlasting impact.

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 *30ml Parfum - Pre Launch Reviewers Bottles - Cap Colour may Vary.