Basil Sambac By Naso Profumi
Basil Sambac By Naso Profumi

Basil Sambac By Naso Profumi

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Derived from the Persian word Yasmin, Jasmine literally translates to “Gift of God.” From time immemorial, it has represented magic and mystery in the Indian folklore. Indeed, it is the sacred flower of Kama, the God of Love. With a sweet floral scent, this fragrance gives off an alluring and pure elegance.





Healing Powers

A mild aphrodisiac, with intoxicating properties, that dissolve emotional barriers and promote intimacy, while soothing the senses and calming anxiety.

Our fragrance is designed, keeping the aspect of the green in mind. We refuse to use any synthetic / artificial or nature like - essences to create our blends. We extract pure essence from handpicked herbs and flowers to present to you with the most carefully curated, scent for you. We are not gender biased - hence all our perfumes are Unisex, falling under a gender liquid bracket. The idea of 'whoever can smell like whatever they like' - break-ing gender barriers with our perfumes"